• Luis Aguirre

    Luis Aguirre

  • Melanie Hahn

    Melanie Hahn

  • Augustus Yuan

    Augustus Yuan

    Ads & Promotions SWE @Twitch. Prev @Evernote. Panelist on @FrontendHH @UW_iSchool Grad ā€˜14

  • Drew Schillinger

    Drew Schillinger

    I am a Zen-gineer, coach, manager, and mindful leader whose goal is to encourage and help my teammates succeed in all their endeavors.

  • Acunha


  • Nicole Rothenay

    Nicole Rothenay

    I teach communication for an online university. Mom. M.A., English. M.A. in Technical Communication in progress. Army Combat Veteran. All thoughts my own.

  • Mikey Diaz

    Mikey Diaz

    rocker/songwriter/ex-con 4 th Revolution/centauri priest of light #theredtygerchurch nu lp 10/17 https://open.spotify.com/artist/31z30JyUEF1yNOgEW6pch2?si=G8Urc

  • Carlos Cisneros, Jr.

    Carlos Cisneros, Jr.

    I write about cloud engineering.

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